The Positive Coaching Scotland (PCS) programme is an educational resource, which provides support to key influencers in a youth sport environment.


PCS educates and equips coaches, parents, club leaders, teachers and young people to generate and capitalize on a positive environment, swaying a reduction in drop out and an increase in participation and performance, as well as the development of life skills through sport.


The programme is delivered in partnership with the Winning Scotland Foundation, along with our local and national partners.


Positive Coaching Scotland is built upon research and considers, through 3 key principles, areas and topics such as; Respect, Resilience, Relationships, Mindset, Praise, Confidence, Goal Setting, and more.


Regardless of your role in sport as a coach, parent, teacher, club leader or even team mate, you can benefit from better understanding key elements within a youth sport environment and accessing tools to put into practice. Access PCS in your area or sport to find out more about how you can play a key role in supporting the right environment for youth sport. 

Want to understand more about PCS? Why not try out our PCS elearning?