Legacy 2014 Active Places Fund

Date published: 09 Jun 2014
Date updated: 04 Aug 2014
Published by: sportscotland

In 2014 Scotland will host the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow – the biggest multi-sports event the country has ever hosted. The Scottish Government is committed to ensuring the Games will deliver a positive and lasting legacy for Scotland. We want as many people as possible to benefit.

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The Legacy 2014 Active Places Fund supports the Scottish Government’s legacy ambitions to encourage more people to be active and take part in sport. Physical activity can help people become healthier and fitter. The Fund will do this by providing funding for capital projects which create or improve places in local communities where people can go to get active. Grants of between £10,000 and £100,000 are available for a very wide range of community-led projects such as new bike or skate parks, outdoor adventure facilities, walking routes, or new projects within school estates. (For projects that require funding of less than £10,000 please apply to Awards for All.) In total, £10 million is available until 2015.

Projects will need to demonstrate that your project will make a difference in terms of impact on physical activity or sports participation. This might be through creating new facilities, upgrading or improving the accessibility of existing ones, or reducing barriers to activity.

You may be able to make a joint application with other groups in your community. If you have an idea for a project that you need support in developing we would encourage you to contact your local authority.

You can also contact sportscotland’s facilities team by email on

Thank you for your interest. Be part of Legacy 2014.

The final submission date for applications to this fund is 1st February 2015.

The projects will need to be completed before March 2016.


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