UK Coaching Certificate (UKCC) subsidy

Date published: 05 Sep 2013
Date updated: 14 May 2014
Published by: sportscotland

Distributed by: sportscotland

sportscotland recognises the importance of new coaches coming into sport and the need for accessible, affordable coaching courses to be available to them

  • Minimum award: £0
  • Maximum award: £150

50% of course fees up to £150


  • Disability sport
  • Coaching
  • Training or continuous professional development
  • Community sport
  • Outdoor sport
Other projects
  • Projects specifically targeted at UKCC


  • Not-for-profit club or community group - with governing Document
  • Not-for-profit club or community group - with no governing Document
  • Profit making organisation / private sector
  • Schools
  • Higher or futher education institution or college
  • Local authority / local education authority
  • Other statutory organisations
  • Individuals

Specific sports


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