sportscotland's response to SGA media statement

sportscotland has had concerns about the governance and operations of Scottish Gymnastics Association for some considerable time. There have been unprecedented levels of criticism levelled at the SGA Board and Executive from clubs, coaches, and many individuals, including a whistle-blower involved in the disciplinary process of two members of staff. The independent report conducted by respected public figure Duncan Macniven was commissioned as a result of the serious allegations received from the whistle-blower and was highly critical of senior SGA staff. 

The SGA have had five Directors resign over the last year, have very high levels of staff turnover, face four employment tribunals, and have a Chief Executive on long-term sickness absence. The SGA have received significant additional investment over the past three years yet there are now fewer competing gymnasts in Scotland than five years ago. 

Ensuring that public money is invested in the right partners is a key function of sportscotland. Investment is not an entitlement, therefore, decisions were taken to suspend investment for the SGA until their AGM to be held on 25 November, which will see the current Board resign and a new leadership installed. 

In the interim, sportscotland has provided SGA with circa £60,000 to safeguard jobs and offered specialist help in managing the long-term sickness absence of the CEO, and we are aware that SGA have a positive financial reserve position.

sportscotland is committed to the development of the sport of gymnastics in Scotland and looks forward to working with a new leadership following the AGM on Sunday (November 25).

  • Date published: 03 September 2013
  • Date updated: 04 May 2016
  • Published by: sportscotland sportscotland