Date published: 01 Sep 2013
Date updated: 05 Sep 2014
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Double the support from your sponsor

sportsmatch aims to recognise the outstanding contribution commercial   sponsorship makes to community sport by matching their support on a £ for £ basis. If you have a sponsor and new or enhanced project over and above your organisations normal activities, that will increase participation, capacity and performance in grassroots community sport, then sportsmatch may be just what you are looking for!

What is sportsmatch?

sportsmatch is an award scheme that supports grassroots sport projects that encourage participation at community level, especially youth groups. Awards start at a minimum of £500 and go up to £10,000 per project with no more than 3 sponsors contributing a minimum of £500 each per project 
sportsmatch aims to match commercial business sponsorship on a £ for £ basis and has three primary objectives:

1. to encourage businesses to sponsor community sports 
2. to foster lasting partnerships between business and community sport 
3. to further develop and improve community access to sport through quality business sponsorships

Who can apply?

Any properly constituted, not-for-profit group such as a sports club, governing body of sport, school etc.

What activities can be funded?

Your project must be for NEW and/or ENHANCED sporting activities over and above your organisations normal activities and expenditure.  Projects must encourage the increase in participation, capacity and performance in grassroots community sport.

We consider expenses that fall within the following categories:

Funding Categories

  • Coach and Volunteer Education:  Training of new or existing coaches / volunteers to a higher level in order to sustain or develop the applicant organisation.
  • Coaching and Club Development Staff:  Hire and payment of coaches, leaders and development staff for new or additional activity.
  • Facility Hire:  Hire of additional or enhanced facilities to offer extra capacity.  Thereby increasing participation.
  • Equipment:  Purchase of new (not replacement) or enhanced quality equipment required for training or competing. Equipment must remain the property of the applicant, personal equipment is ineligible.

What can’t be funded?

The following are examples of where sportsmatch will not fund or match against:  

  • Activities that commence before the application is considered by the award panel.
  • Capital projects, such as refurbishment, buildings and fixtures.
  • General administration and other organisation running costs e.g. existing, repeat or regular events, maintenance or replacement of exiting equipment.
  • Items that mainly benefit individuals
  • Transportation or volunteer expenses e.g. travel expenses, mini bus hire.

Who can be the sponsor?

Any commercial business providing business sponsorship of at least £500 in cash or kind (excluding tobacco industry sponsors and alcohol related sponsors where the majority of participants/spectators of the project are under 18 yrs. old).

How do I apply?

The process is 3 easy steps

  • Read 'A Guide to sportsmatch'
  • Complete the 'Eligibility Checklist' - This will help you identify if your organisation and project are eligible for an award.
  • Complete the 'Application Form' and collate relevant supporting information.

The preferred method of application submission is via email.  Completed sportsmatch application forms and supporting information should be emailed to

If your project is approved by the sportsmatch panel you will then be contacted and asked to submit a signed PDF version of your paperwork. 

If for any reason you are having difficulty submitting the application form electronically please contact the sportsmatch Officer.

Contact us

Should you wish to talk to us about the programme, a potential application or panel assessment dates please contact the sportsmatch Officer:

Tel: 0141 5346500  email:



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